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When Chocolate Fish are Flying...

Poems and narration by Jan Hill

Artwork by Lynda Vugler

About the book's creators...

Jan Hill & Lynda Vugler

Jan Hill was born and raised in the UK. She met her darling husband Andrew, at Bristol University whilst completing an English degree. They embarked together on an exhilarating 12 years of work and travel. Shaking off the dust they came to settle in New Zealand with two young boys.

One of the first people she met was Lynda Vugler, the illustrator, although it would be years before a relationship would develop. Lynda was already producing stunning artwork and a brood of blond children, one of whom has recently married Jan’s younger son.

The work started as a sheaf of jottings which eventually got organised into a book which has been so perfectly visualised in Lynda's images. Life for Jan and Andrew, continues with astonishingly similar to the themes in the book, punctuated by animal antics set against the backdrop of their beloved valley.

Artwork by Lynda Vugler well known artist both locally and internationally