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When Chocolate Fish are Flying...

Poems and narration by Jan Hill

Artwork by Lynda Vugler

A collection of poems and illustrations set in a valley somewhere between the Coromandel Peninsula and the reader's imagination. A mixture of magic, mischief and downright bad behaviour intended to give readers and listeners a smile before bedtime. To be enjoyed by children aged 1 to 89 years... and beyond

A Coast to Coast of the South Island by Paddle, Pedal and Foot. The Long Way by by Ginney Deavoll

This 54 page book of children’s poems is centred around a farming family and their beloved animals living in an idyllic New Zealand valley.
Each tells a story …… full of humour and mischief …... designed to set free the imagination of the reader and the listener. And each is illustrated by colourful and detailed artwork

Poems and narration by Jan Hill.
This is her first work to be published but by no means her last. read more read more

Artwork by Lynda Vugler well known artist both locally and internationally

Introduction (excerpt from the book)

Treasured readers – large, small, young, old and all sorts in between –

We hope you enjoy these stories and pictures of all of us (two and four-legged) who live in our beautiful valley and wander through these pages.  Some of these tellings are true; some could have happened; and some we wishhad happened.

Just like in real life, some of the strangest tales are the truest, and some of the sweetest are wishful thinking. We can promise you that the funniest are truly true (or should be) and we leave you to make up your mind which is which. 
One last thing before you venture into our valley – if one day you should wonder what started this odd wee book….

Well, treasured readers, it was a glorious blue and golden day in the valley. Jack and Lucy’s Dad sat in his Mum’s chair and said “Dee, why don’t you stop making sad poems and make up some really good stuff?”

Hoping to catch him out I said (a bit crossly) “Like what exactly?” and the answer rang around the room and rang all sorts of bells – “Poems about FARTING!” and so this book was born AND THAT IS TRUE….

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